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The team behind Millie’s is passionate about pizza, both the coal-fired and the Neapolitan styles.  Thanks to “dueling ovens”, pies from both varieties are offered.  Inspired by childhood visits to Totonno’s, the legendary Coney Island pizzeria, the coal oven burns over 650+ degrees and can produce pies in five minutes.  The signature Millie’s pie combines sautéed tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and a sprinkling of parmesan.  The Neapolitan wood oven, hand-built by Italy’s celebrated Ferrara family, and imported from Naples, cooks pizzas, such as the Margherita, in just 90 seconds thanks to the intense 800+ degree heat.

Millie's Old World is a restaurant rooted in one family's commitment to preserving the "Old World" in terms of recipes and tradition but steps into the "New World" with modern ambiance and decor.

Evoking memories of bountiful “Sunday Suppers” where families gathered around the table to share recipes passed down from generation to generation, Millie’s Old World Meatballs & Pizza is bringing that same convivial feeling of a close knit Italian family to everyone. Millie’s is a restaurant rooted in one family’s commitment to preserving the “Old World” in terms of recipes and traditions but steps into the “New World” with modern ambiance and décor.

Named after their grandmother Millie, the restaurant is the brainchild of two brothers seeking to share their passion for Italian food and celebration of the Italian culture of their heritage.  “We were fortunate to grow up in a family that respects Italian traditions and by opening Millie’s, we want to share our love of culinary classics like meatballs and pizza” note the Brothers.

Fried meatballs were a holiday tradition with family members waiting all day for the beef balls to come out of the frying pan. Fortunately, customers at Millie’s can order from the Fried Meatball station and Cheese bar at any time. Drawing upon Grandma Millie’s recipe, guests can choose to have their meatballs on platters, heroes (with fresh Italian Bread) or even in takeaway “Pot-Of-Balls."